To ensure we are producing healthy and genetically sound puppies, we commit to only breed dogs that meet certain standards and documentation:

    -  We will only breed dams that have been documented with "Clear" EIC test results.
    -  We will only breed dogs that have an OFA hip rating of "good" or above, or the equivalent PennHip score.
    -  We will only breed dogs that have an OFA elbow rating of "normal."
    -  We will only breed dogs that are documented with a "normal" or "N/N" rating for CNM.
    -  We will not breed any dog with a known health issue that could affect our puppies.
    -  Documentation to prove these standards have been met with each litter.

Having met each of these standards with every litter, we are confident in guaranteeing our puppies will be free of genetic hip dysplasia, congenital eye diseases and will be unaffected by EIC or CNM.  

Lifetime Genetic Disease Guarantee
We take every possible precaution to ensure your puppy will be free of CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy).  We guarantee that our puppies will not be affected from EIC or CNM for their lifetime.  

26 Month Hip Dysplasia Guarantee 
Hips and elbows can't be evaluated accurately for genetic dysplasia prior to 24 months of age.  X-rays must be taken by a board certified veterinarian and be submitted to the OFA or PennHIP for evaluation while your dog is between 24 and 26 months of age.  You will then have until your dog's 28th month of age to submit proof of testing to us with the results and request that we honor the guarantee.  X-rays must not be taken one month before or following your dog coming into heat and your dog cannot have been bred prior to x-rays.  The hip dysplasia guarantee is only meant for genetic issues and does not include injury or damage caused from malnutrition, excessive stress or other forms of mistreatment.

Eye Guarantee
Our puppies' eyes are guaranteed to be free of genetic eye diseases as defined by the OFA.  Evaluation and diagnosis must be made by a board certified canine ophthalmologist before your puppy turns 2 years of age.  This guarantee does not cover eye disorders resulting from physical injury or malnutrition.

To honor any of these guarantees, the following requirements must be met:
1) Your dog must have been registered with the AKC.  "Gun Dog Ranch" or "Gun Dog Ranch's" must be used in the AKC registration of the dog's name (for example, "Gun Dog Ranch's Lean and Mean Mac"). 

2) Your dog could not have been used for breeding prior to claim.   

3) A copy of the findings from OFA, PennHip or CAER must be sent to us for our records.

4) Ownership of the dog cannot have been transferred to another person at any point.

5) A letter from your vet, identifying your dog by microchip number, must be submitted to us stating that the dog has been spayed or neutered and has not been bred.

6) Microchip numbers must be recorded on all documents of certification.

7) AKC registration papers bust be signed, transferring ownership of the dog back to Gun Dog Ranch or it's agents. 

8)  Once the aforementioned requirements have been met, Gun Dog Ranch will reimburse the buyer the original price of the puppy or will provide a replacement puppy from a comparable litter at no expense to the buyer.