Puppy Program

To ensure your new puppy gets the best start possible, we include the following practices with every litter:
    -  Litter will be AKC registered and ready for transfer to the new owners - FULL REGISTRATION
    -  Dew claws removed at 3 days old and 1st shots at 6 weeks old 
    -  Hard food diet will be centered around Purina Pro Plan starting at appx 3-4 weeks of age
    -  Puppies will be well-socialized
    -  Puppies will be subjected to E.N.S. (Early Neurological Stimulation)
    -  Puppies will be exposed to a number of different environments to grow confidence while in adverse or unfamiliar settings
    -  Started on wings    
    -  Puppies will be implanted with a MicroChip for easy identification and proof of ownership - ready to be registered in the new owner's name